Direct Booking Engine



A powerfull Booking engine for a better revenue management.

Do you own a hotel booking website? Are you facing issues with the bookings of rooms or tables? Rooms Block Direct Booking Engine is a tool that can be added to your website that can enable the guests to book the rooms directly from the hotel's website. Just creating the website for your hotel isn't enough you need to work smarter in order to earn more customers to your hotel. And if we talk about our Direct Booking Engine, then it is completely mobile based which is an add on benefit to this. This can help the customers to book the rooms from their smart phones or tablets.

Easy management for group bookings.

It is very easy to manage each and every kind of booking. The travel agents, corporates and customers can easily access and personalize the booking console. It is a smooth process with the Direct Booking Engine tool being installed at the website and that's where Rooms Block comes into role.

Improve the experience of your guests

It would become much simpler for you to personalize the login for customers for the hotel booking through website. You can make their work simpler by managing their bookings, making payments and send special requests for choosing them for their stay. This can promote guest loyalty and can also grow your business. If the experience of your guest would be improved at your hotel, it will grow your hotel business to great heights as you will generate more customers to your hotel.

Track the updates and confirmations

Upon integrating the direct booking engine on your website, it can give a centralized view of your hotel's status. One can also easily manage the confirmation emails and cancellation requests without any headache. In addition to this, airport transfer requests and payment dues can be tracked automatically.

Secure the online bookings

The process of online direct booking engine can be automated with the Rooms Block Channel Manager. Your customers would get prompted for deposits whenever they confirm their bookings. The email confirmations would be sent to the customers with the confirmation of the bookings.

Customize and personalize according to your needs and requirements

Rooms Block direct booking engine can assist you to customize as per the business requirements. The personalization of the website will depend upon the design of your website and this will help in attracting more customers to your hotel business. You can even create last minute special packages as per the market trends as this will help you to win the guests to your hotel.