Payment Gateway Integration



Secure Payment Gateway Integration by Rooms blocks

Whether you are running your e-commerce business or a hotel website or any other website for your business, it is sure that you would be willing to offer your customers a safe, quick and easy to use payment gateway. The payment system that you choose has to satisfy the needs and requirements of your customers and also of your business. In addition to this, it has to be protected from frauds and must support a variety of payment methods so as to make it more convenient for the customers to use. Rooms Block offers payment gateway integration to all the websites that we develop and design so that customers can have easy and quick payment checkout with 100% satisfaction. According to a latest survey, it has been seen that almost 25% of the customers abandon their shopping carts just because of the fact they have been facing complex checkout system or too much information were being asked during the checkout. These statistics clear the fact that you need to have a good and reliable payment system.The advantage that payment gateway integration through Rooms Block is that all the payments that are processed are taken by the service provider. Also, the client's card data gets stored by the vendor. Therefore, using a hosted payment gateway offers pretty easy integration for both the customers as well as for the merchants. Thus, it has now been preferred by the vendors and customers. We are not only expert in payment gateway integration, but also in website design & development for our valuable customers. So, connect with us to get a first hand experience our skills and expertise.

The payment gateways are capable of executing the following types of transactions, which includes:

  • Authorization: It is a type of transaction that is used for checking that if a customer has enough funds to make a payment. Please clear that it doesn't include the transfer of actual money. Instead, it just ensures that if the buyer is capable of paying for an item that he or she is willing to buy. It usually takes place on the orders that take enough time to ship or manufacture.
  • Capture: In this type, the actual processing of previously authorized payment is being sent to the merchant's account.
  • Sale: This is a combination of both authorization and capture in which the buyer is firstly authorized and then the funds may or may not be captured. It is more for immediate purchases like e-tickets, subscription purchase or more.
  • Refund: It is a result of the cancelled order in which the merchant has to apply for the refund of the payment which will then process towards return of the money.
  • Void: It is more similar to the refund and can be done if the payments were not captured.