Property Management System



This is how Our PMS can help your hotel

By using a property management system for your hotel developed by Rooms Block can help you in increasing your revenue by tracking the performance and gathering the needful and important data about your hotel, analyzing it and creating reports for better decision making. With the help of the reports, you will get a clear overview of how your hotel is doing and with the help of that, you can take better decisions about how you can run your hotel business. For example, by adapting to Property Management System, you can involve in dynamic pricing strategy so that more of your available rooms could get filled at the nominal rates which can make your customers happier. In addition to this, the property management system for the hotels can help you in saving your precious time by automating recurring tasks like updating the rates of the rooms and its availability, sending out the reminders to the guests before their arrival and also helps in invoicing your guests. This is how Property Management System can help your hotel. So make sure that your hotel has one system like that.

easy solutions to our robust PMS

Do you find it hard to manage your hotel property, certainly you have landed over a right platform then. Property Management System is a set of solutions that the modern hoteliers use so as to manage the day-to-day Hotel operations like reservations, housekeeping, maintenance, invoicing, reporting, front desk management and Analytics. All of the mentioned activities could also be labor-intensive and time-consuming but the goal of Property Management software developed by Rooms Block is to save the time and money of the hotel managers and their employees. If we talk about modern scenario, the capabilities of Property Management System expanded beyond the normal functions like managing the inventory of room, booking the rooms for customers, performing housekeeping activities and assigning rooms to the customers. Today, one can even schedule preventive maintenance, draw the attendance sheets for the housekeeping staff and manage the banquet or conference rooms easily.

Property Management System have taken a steep rise is in the area of integrations.

There is one other area where Property Management System have taken a steep rise is in the area of integrations. The thing that has made this possible is open APIs which have made possible for the developers to help the hoteliers in using this innovative technology with just a click of a button. The software also makes it possible for the hotel managers to integrate with third party technologies like channel managers, point of sale systems, accounting systems and payment gateways like MasterCard, VISA, debit card, credit card or more which also helps in making payments faster and easier. If you look at the statistics, then we will come to know that almost 25% of the hotels still reported using pen and paper or spreadsheets for managing their hotel related tasks like room booking, building and room availability. This could be an inefficient way of doing the tasks in the longer run and imagine what would happen if your spreadsheets are paper records get destroyed or lost?